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Our AI models provide the most suitable annotation platform for images, characterized by increased efficiency and flexibility, supporting all file formats.

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Computer Vision

Benefit from a multitude of features, including but not limited to the ability of developing precise models which allow for the identification of objects from different classes, extracting structured text as well as classifying images. Our platform also supports various use cases ranging from robotics to autonomous vehicles


Object Identification


This allows the detection of objects from various classes which is particularly useful in product identification, medical diagnostics as well as detection of error or defect in products.


Text Identification 


This will allow the identification and extraction of any text from images. This is highly recommended in areas such as product cataloging, license plate verification and identity card verification.  




Sort images based on their visual content. This will allow for flexibility in deciding of relevant ads, precision agriculture and policy enforcement.





Simple to Begin, Optimize and Measure


Benefit from increasing efficiency paired with decreasing costs while building models that you can trust.
























Ready for Business


Annual Custom Plans 


Get started only now and speak to us regarding an enterprise plan.



ML Powered Labeling

Machine Learning powered pre-labeling and active tooling allows for large high quality annotated images. Additional optimization catered through ML-based quality checks.

Performance Efficiency 

Through automated personalized training and assessment or flexibility on various requirements, changes can be implemented with efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Our built in quality assurance systems rapidly monitor and prevent errors which allows confidence in the quality of annotated data. Subsequent scores lead to different types of human review.

Data Input Flexibility

A multitude of file formats (e.g. jpg, tiff, png) are supported, annotations for fish-eye or extra-wide panoramic images are also supported. 

Label Support

Specify geometries for different uses and even combine in a singular task and label for events to clarify understanding.

Configurable Tasks

Image tasks can be adjusted to meet the needs of specific users and can be configured to generate a classification task with consensus if a target object is unknown.

Guaranteed Task Adjustment


Task completion times are included in enterprise-grade SLAs, in addition, tasks can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements.


Full Time Customer Support 


In order to ensure our enterprise customers an exemplary experience, we pair them with a dedicated engagement manager, allowing for a smooth and continued data delivery.


Cost Efficiency 


In order to ensure economic efficiency and cater to the demands of high quality labels, we offer discounts based on volume. 


Quality Assurance 


High quality datasets are protected against changing and messy data.


Super Human Quality


Submitted tasks are pre labeled by our ML model and then depending on confidence scores, reviewed manually by our highly skilled workers. Additional human and ML-driven checks are subjected to all tasks. 


As a result, the accuracy is much greater than that of a human or machine approach working solely on its own. 








  Trusted by companies around the world


In the development of the most accurate and efficient models, we are trusted by leading machine learning teams. 

Image Classification API

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Image Generation API

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Image Segmentation API

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Activity Recognition API

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Object detection API

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Image (Summarization) Caption API

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Image Classification API

Upload file for Image Classification and click on the retrieve information for result. 

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