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Unique Audio

Our AI model allow the transcription of human powered audios as well as categorization with home agents and other audial devices.

Audio and Speech


The transcription of human powered audios as well as categorization will power home agents and other audial devices. 



Adaptable platform to support all use cases 


Benefit from an extensive selection of data allowing you to train chatbots, conversational agents and more. 


Availability of Multilingual Transcription 

Optimize our highly skilled workforce who in various languages, will guide you through the designation of emotions, classification of concepts as well as in the identification of important events through even a simple extract. 

Lexicon Development


Assist your models in comprehending the intricacies of speech through our globally trained workforce, qualified for audio transcription. 

Data Collection in Multiple Languages

Collect audio snippets in order to power your audio interfaces.




Simple to Begin, Optimize and Measure

Receive exemplary ground truth data by sending sensor data to our sophisticated API. We will take care of the rest.

Consolidated with ML

Machine Learning is applied in many ways in order to ensure workforce as well as quality efficiency.

Customer Loyalty

In order to ensure our customers an exemplary experience, we pair them with customer success engineers who allow for a smooth running of operations.

Built for precision

We are organized to fit your precise requirements, and so adjust accordingly even with the multitude of tasks that are processed each month.

Ready for Business


Annual Custom Plans 


Get started only now and speak to us regarding an enterprise plan.

Guaranteed Task Adjustment


Task completion times are included in enterprise-grade SLAs, in addition, tasks can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements.


Full Time Customer Support 


In order to ensure our enterprise customers an exemplary experience, we pair them with a dedicated engagement manager, allowing for a smooth and continued data delivery.


Cost Efficiency 


In order to ensure economic efficiency and cater to the demands of high quality labels, we offer discounts based on volume. 


Quality Assurance 


High quality datasets are protected against changing and messy data.


Super Human Quality


Submitted tasks are pre labeled by our ML model and then depending on confidence scores, reviewed manually by our highly skilled workers. Additional human and ML-driven checks are subjected to all tasks. 


As a result, the accuracy is much greater than that of a human or machine approach working solely on its own. 




Trusted by companies around the world


In the development of the most accurate and efficient models, we are trusted by leading machine learning teams. 

Our Clients

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