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Unique Text

Our AI models extract unstructured text  within seconds at human level accuracy and reliability. 

 (Source: Monkey Learn)



The most efficient text annotation program, resolute in significantly improving your day to day experience on our platform.

Natural Language Processing 


Our platform allows users to optimize from a large collection of text based data, enables categorization of relevant texts based on sentiments, improves search relevance and more.

Prioritize Information



Prioritize relevant information by extracting structured text from both unstructured and semi-structured content. This is useful in the cataloging of products, processing of documents and more.

Natural Language Generation

Appropriate responses are prompted as a result of text inputs, useful in automated assistance, search and ad relevance as well as the categorization of various content by sentiment which allows for the most appropriate responses.

Machine Translation



Through machine translation, various text inputs are automatically translated in different languages. This is useful in dialogue generation, speech to text and vice versa.



Simple to Begin, Optimize and Measure


Benefit from increasing efficiency paired with decreasing costs while building models that you can trust.

Quality Assurance

Our built in quality assurance systems prevent errors and allow confidence in the quality of data. Further transparency is assured through personal assistance and dashboard metrics.

Confidence-Based Consensus

In order to alleviate any onset ambiguities or biases, we integrate confidence-based consensus and balanced dataset curation.

Support in Multiple Languages

A global workforce allows our platform to support many languages, suiting various contexts and offering unique expertise.

Ready for Business


Annual Custom Plans 


Get started only now and speak to us regarding an enterprise plan.




Guaranteed Task Adjustment


Task completion times are included in enterprise-grade SLAs, in addition, tasks can be adjusted to fit your exact requirements.


Full Time Customer Support 


In order to ensure our enterprise customers an exemplary experience, we pair them with a dedicated engagement manager, allowing for a smooth and continued data delivery.


Cost Efficiency 


In order to ensure economic efficiency and cater to the demands of high quality labels, we offer discounts based on volume. 


Quality Assurance 


High quality datasets are protected against changing and messy data.


Super Human Quality


Submitted tasks are pre labeled by our ML model and then depending on confidence scores, reviewed manually by our highly skilled workers. Additional human and ML-driven checks are subjected to all tasks. 


As a result, the accuracy is much greater than that of a human or machine approach working solely on its own. 




Trusted by companies around the world


In the development of the most accurate and efficient models, we are trusted by leading machine learning teams. 

Our Clients

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