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The Future of AI

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

“Dig into every industry, and you'll find AI changing the nature of work.”

Technology has progressed so rapidly with newer innovations such as Alexa, Siri and autonomous vehicles becoming commonly known, it has inevitably led to uncertainty regarding what the future of such technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence holds.

There are many spheres that will be impacted by the growth of AI in the near future. The future of AI in medicine is regarded with high expectations because medical breakthroughs will allow for a more quick and accurate diagnosis. It will also aid research and allow for flexibility in making appointments. With regards to transport, researchers are exploring the benefits of the application of AI in public transport while also acknowledging that complete dependence on autonomous vehicles is likely to be met with risks. Additionally, AI is said to improve the e-commerce industry by allowing more efficient service as well as a more customized consumer experience. Lastly, with regards to employment, although AI possesses the potential to disrupt the supply of labor, many point out that the relationship is not as straightforward as it is made out to be. AI is also said to have a great future in manufacturing, finance and banking, entertainment, etc.

The future of every industry, as well as every human being, is likely to be impacted by the growth of AI. There are many misconceptions and uncertainty surrounding its future but it is crucial to note the many positive aspects which are likely to change our lives for the better,

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