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The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the modern world by storm by revolutionizing major areas of life. In its simplest, AI refers to the ability of machines to demonstrate intelligence commonly associated with human beings and hence, for machines to perform tasks that once only humans were capable of, except with more precision and accuracy. This is why one of the greatest advantages of AI lies in the underlying fact that it is unparalleled in the way it has eased many walks of life.

AI technologies are assisting us on a day-to-day basis, often to the point that their presence has been subconsciously accepted and acknowledged as something unlivable. An example that exemplifies the crucial role it plays is how in medical fields, AI technologies are evidently used in assisting practitioners in the diagnosis of diseases as well as in providing accurate and precise predictions regarding the future of the patient’s health through previously stored data. Another example that encompasses its importance is how it has levied a great advantage in the world of marketing by being able to assess consumer needs, identify patterns in their behavior, provide suggestions suited to their preferences, offer various types of support as well as ensure consumers remain loyal by resolving any issues and addressing complaints promptly.

Although not without its criticisms, it can be said without a string of doubt that Artificial Intelligence has allowed the world we live in today to be increasingly efficient and much easier as compared to a few years back.

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