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Use Cases


Visual Customer Service

A picture worth a thousand words. A real-time vision worth a million words?  Imagine the live bots can see, listen and communicate with humans. How about a technical support bot that can see the problems and provide real-time expert responses?

The need for Artificial Intelligence in customer service is growing rapidly due to the benefits arising from its use. Through the categorization of data online, AI is able to assess consumer needs, identify patterns in their behavior, provide suggestions suited to their preferences, offer various types of support as well as ensure they remain loyal by resolving any issues and addressing complaints promptly. The AI machine learning process allows our algorithm to be tailored to fit consumer requirements as it is able to learn the behavior and even predict future responses. Additionally, through the use of natural language processing, given text inputs, and even spoken messages are interpreted, understood and then a suitable response is generated which is useful in ensuring consumer satisfaction in various industries such as in retail, food, and aviation industry. The collection of large amounts of data has allowed our predetermined algorithm to ensure visual bots address all questions to the maximum degree of efficiency possible, tailoring to every consumer need.


Real-Time Video based Emergency Services 

What happens when someone can not speak or type a message in an emergency. Wouldn't it make a necessity to have a real-time video-based emergency response system? 

The use of Artificial Intelligence in medicine and healthcare has amplified especially recently with newer technology aiding practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. In areas where the number of doctors is disproportionate to the number of citizens, AI as a basic diagnostic and treatment tool during situations of emergency can be used. While it is likely to be the fastest and most efficient method of saving lives, it will also give a more accurate and precise diagnosis as physicians may be prone to human error. Our pre-installed algorithm will allow for the prescription of medicines based on the patient’s requirements and it will recommend better treatments through the installment of basic diagnostic information which will cater to the needs of many.


Airport Vigilance

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the aviation industry, particularly at airports presents endless opportunities to cater towards more safer and efficient travel, providing innumerable benefits including but not limited to increased consumer satisfaction, faster and more accurate identification of potential threats as well as a more organized travel system. Our pre-installed algorithm confidently detects any threats of abnormalities much faster than a human possibly could. Features such as detection and tracking allow the tracking of objects frame by frame which will aid in the maintenance of record. Additionally, through our built in prediction and planning system, an objective as well as accurate understanding can be implemented between objects, their behavior and intent. With the help of AI, real life events can be classified in timestamps and further divisions which will drastically improve airport security. Overall, our advanced algorithms promise consumers an improved travel experience.

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