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Our Mission

Unique Computing is an Artificial Intelligence company that strives to create Image, Video, Audio, and Text models to accelerate the development of AI applications in the Business to Business Industry.

Our Story

Unique Computing LLC is specialized in developing and training AI-based solutions.

Our products specialize in extracting information and inferring knowledge from various unstructured data sets such as text, images, video, and audio.


Unique has years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning, focusing on Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Signal Processing, Predictive Modeling, Optimization, and Robotics.


We develop, deploy and train on the
cloud platforms utilizing Big Data Architectures, massively parallel and distributed
computing environments integrating into existing architectures, applications, and

Our team includes doctoral researchers with a track record of published and
patented intellectual property. What truly makes Unique Computing; LLC unique is our
commitment to providing unmatched performance and customer support.

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Nisar Hundewale, PhD

Founder, CEO

Dr. Nisar Hundewale received his Ph.D. in Computer Science specialized in Artificial Intelligence, from Georgia State University, USA, in the year 2007. As a post-doctoral fellow, he has worked at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA. He held a professor and Associate Dean position at a renowned research university. Since 2012, Dr. Hundewale continued his career in the AI/Data Science industry in technical leadership, architecture, product development for Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Neilson, SAP, USPTO, SSA, etc. He has been very hands-on while heading several million dollars turn-key projects. His expertise is in AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Big Data Architecture, Graph Analytics, and Information Extraction (especially from Text, Image, Video, and Audio data). He has published over 60 technical articles; he serves as editor and has a US Patent granted.

Experienced Leadership

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